In which Strange potentially embarrasses his family…

Every now and then, something mischievous in me takes hold, and I send a completely immature and inappropriate text to people I know. I often select them based on how I suspect they will react. My goal is humor; I don’t always hit my mark.

The other day, as an experiment in humor and social interactions, I sent one text to fifteen people. (I could have sent it to many, many more, but I limited myself to fifteen in the hopes that I would get ten responses. I got thirteen. I later discovered that one of the non-responders was not at all the person I intended to send to. I have no idea if the non-responder even gets texts.)

Below, I have written my text (which will probably embarrass my family), and the responses that I received (posted anonymously because these folks had no warning that I would post these responses). Some demographics: all but one of these people are involved with ComedySportz, which should in no way reflect negatively on ComedySportz. The one remaining is a relative. There are three females represented in these responses. And only one is not in (or recently from) Indianapolis… which should in no way reflect negatively on Indianapolis.

Sent: 11:30 am
Do you think we’ll ever know enough about the human body that someday we’ll be able to eat specific things at specific times and several hours later have striped poop? Because I really hope so.


Response 1
Hah, I bet you will need to hula hoop in a certain way to make it work.

Response 2
Me too!!!

Response 3
I already doo that

Response 4
Awesome! no pics?

Response 5
Bring it on, Science.

Response 6
That’s a world I want to live in

Response 7
Science is almost there. I can feel it

Response 8
Oh, please let that be a thing in the future!

Response 9
Polka dot will happen in a few thousand

Response 10
My research begins today. I’m going with trial and error though.

Response 11
I had an idea a while ago for a coffee table cookbook, but the recipes weren’t for food, they were for the cool looking poops you could make after you ate the recipes. So, basically what I’m saying is yes. Not only is it possible, its probable.

Response 12
So… couple things.
1. I laughed hysterically at this.
2. Play-Doh an certain foods have been shown to color poop.
3. I don’t know whose number this is.

My response:
1. Yay!
2. Yay!

His response(s):
Who are you mystery philosopher?


My response:
So, the rogue asks names… get evasive.
(it’s a puzzle… a dumb, not necessarily hard puzzle)

His response:
Well well well. Based upon the area code I’d say you’re from the Indianapolis region.

My response:
Simple telephonic reasoning. Again! Next guess, egghead.

His response:
It would be reasonable to assume that we are associated through ComedySportz and that you would not be one of the people whose numbers I already have.

My response:
Some Times Reasonble Assumptions Need Goosing, Eh?  🙂

His response:
Well my knowledge of wordplay is sadly limited. I can however say that ye shall not trick me a third time! Silly Tricks Rarely Achieve Needed, Gratifying Effects.

Response 13:
Two things: 1. yes, I hope so b/c it’d be easier to potty train our kids. 2. I lost some contacts and I don’t remember who belongs to this number. Please remind me so we can continue to analyze poop comfortably.

My response:
I’m sorry you lost your contacts. i can’t write any larger. …It’s Strange/David.

Her response:
Of course this is Strange! Haha! Striped poop is brilliant. Please blog about that.

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