An Inexact Recipe That Actually Worked

I made this years ago, and I think I’d like to have it again. It was really good. I’d give you specific numbers, but I don’t have ’em.

a vague guideline by a guy more comfortable in a dining room than in a kitchen

Chicken tenderloins. I’m pretty sure this is what they were called. They’re pretty much the size and shape of chicken fingers that you’d get at a typical pub.
Hot dog buns (1 package. Unless you need more.)
Chili. For this, I prefer Hormel (hot with no beans), but, you know, whatever.
Shredded cheddar cheese.

1. Cook the chicken tenderloins in a skillet. Probably over medium heat, I think. I might have put some salt and pepper on them, and maybe — maybe — a little bit of flour if I was cooking them in oil, which I probably was.

2. Heat the chili either in a saucepan or ina microwave-safe bowl.

3. Put one tenderloin in a hot dog bun. Add as much chili as desired. Add as much shredded cheddar on top as desired. Microwave, two at a time, for 30 seconds. (Add 10 seconds at a time if needed to get cheddar to desired consistency, but keep in mind that microwave is going to affect the buns, too.

And there you go. Chili Chicks. Healthier than chili dogs, and you can pretend that they’re way healthier.

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