There’s too much in my brain, and not enough time to get it all out. In fact, I can see from the “permalink” listed above as I type this, this post is apparently “Bottleneck 2.” I must have complained about this before.

Sometimes these ideas get posted in “randomosity” posts (where blog posts ideas go to die); sometimes they just fester. I want to write about politics — but then again, I don’t, because every time you post about politics on the internet you are automatically starting a flamewar. I want to write about work struggles — but then again, not in too much detail, because I do still work at this place, after all. I want to write about creative ideas I have — but then again, part of me still believes that someday these ideas will see completion.

So maybe it’s not even such a bottleneck of time (although that is definitely a major factor). Maybe the bottleneck is that I don’t want this blog to become completely a confession booth and memoir. Maybe it’s that I’ve got enough real friends I can share my problems and ideas with without resorting to putting it all on display.

I’m not sure. All I know for sure is that if everyone in the world has this kind of untapped potential, we’re sitting in the middle of a freaking gold mine.

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