Two Days of Blogging in One (and yet not much longer than one)

The main thing I keep thinking, while I’m here in L.A., is that I’m tired.

Yesterday, we met with a friend we had only previously known online. Despite the fact that I had always found her to be charming online, it turned out that in person she was even more charming. I felt less like I was meeting her in person for the first time, and more like I was reuniting with an old friend. Considering my general social awkwardness, I put a lot of that on her natural ability to put people at ease. (It also helped that we were both nuts about my daughter.)

After that, we went to Zuma Beach for a casual not-exactly-rehearsal for the wedding today. I’ve never been a big fan of the beach. As I said to someone today, “I love the concept of the beach… but in practice, not so much.” I have issues with textures, and sand is definitely right up there on the list of textures that I’d rather not have anything to do with. (The exception: the sands of the beaches of Puerto Rico are so fine that they never bothered me.) As always, I was entranced by the ocean itself; I also found it fascinating to watch some crows managing to balance on palm trees, clutching onto fronds that I wouldn’t have thought could possibly support them. Sage seemed to agree with my assessment of beaches — the sand wasn’t pleasant and the water was cold. But I’m pretty sure she also liked the concept.

While at the beach, I was surprised to learn that an old high school classmate of mine is in the wedding party, having traveled from Seattle to take part. I don’t think I had seen her since graduation, and it was great to catch up! Her four month old is already bigger than my nine month old. I’m so used to Sage’s size that everybody else’s babies look like giants to me.

After that, my parents and I traveled down the Pacific Coast Highway on our way to Hollywood. I was surprised that I was more interested in the various rock formations on my left than the Pacific on my right. We searched for several blocks for a place where we could get a photo of the Hollywood sign. When we finally found a good place, I was still technically standing in the street for the photo to be taken — but off in the shoulder enough on a side road that the danger was minimal.

I played with ComedySportz Los Angeles, which was a blast. I met several new people, plus I finally got to play with Derek Mears, who is probably best known in horror circles as the most recent actor to play Jason in Friday the 13th.

Little side note: when it became apparent that nobody else was doing anything about it, Derek squashed a black widow spider in the lobby… and from the reports I got, it was with his bare hands.

This morning, we went over to Burbank to visit yet another friend that used to play with ComedySportz Indy. We only ended up with an hour or so to catch up, but as we drove away I thought that it was sort of like lemonade for the soul; when you need it, there’s nothing better. I still miss Noah regularly at CSz Indy, and getting a chance to spend even that much time with him this morning was fantastic. I already miss him again.

Now, I’ve got a little while before I need to get myself ready for the wedding. So far — SO FAR — I have managed to avoid hearing the score of the Colts/Packers game. This is probably my last time online until I’m back home tomorrow evening; I’m trying to avoid TV as well; and that just leaves the possibility that someone here who knows that I’m from Indy will say something about it. I have it taped. Wish me luck. No pun intended.

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One Response to Two Days of Blogging in One (and yet not much longer than one)

  1. Kagey says:

    I know that area near the Hollywood sign! In the few years we lived out there, we got used to people being in the road to take pictures. There should be a traffic sign on that stretch — “tourist crossing – next 2 miles.”

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