Review: Sun King Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest beers are essentially supposed to be Marzen beers with a bit more punch. (Usually this means a bit more alcohol, although stronger flavors are sometimes included too.) Marzen beers are supposed to be rich, slightly malty, fairly dry at the finish, and not particularly hoppy.

The Sun King Oktoberfest is definitely rich, definitely has the fairly dry finish, and is really not at all hoppy. I think the added punch to this Oktoberfest is in the malt; it is a very malty beer. It has no caramel or toffee notes to speak of, which I think is “right” for Oktoberfest but always surprises me a bit in a malty beer. Instead, it’s sort of biscuity (is that a word?) and toasty.

Sun King has brewed a beautiful bronze color into this beer, and while there is no lacing whatsoever it still has a nice, full mouth feel. It starts with a head of nearly an inch, but that dissolves almost immediately into a thin layer on top. I used one of my glasses with laser etching in the bottom (for consistent nucleation), so I had the pleasure of watching millions of tiny bubbles constantly forming and rising to the top; with the beer sitting between me and the light, it was a beautiful bronze showpiece.

…you know, until I drank it.

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