Win a Copy of “The Mr. E Revelations: Dark Discoveries”

Why not, right?

So here’s the deal — effective immediately, I am opening a contest. The grand prize is a copy of my book, “The Mr. E Revelations: Dark Discoveries.”

The main reason I’m doing this is… well, it’s because I couldn’t think of a blog post, and I saw a suggestion of having a contest. So I’m having a contest.

To enter the contest, you can e-mail me (gmail — username is strangedavidfuller), you can post a comment here on the blog, or you can post a comment on my Facebook link to the blog if you know me.

Here’s what to e-mail or post:
In 200 words or less, create your own mythical/magical creature species (race). Name it and describe it. Remember: I’m not looking for you to create an individual, I’m looking for the species or race. Dracula is an individual; vampires are a species.

Now, obviously, I know some of you personally; others, I don’t. To keep this as fair as possible, I’m going to ask three non-participating friends to help me select the winner, with all names removed from the descriptions.

This is where the fine print would go if I were all fancy about it. I’m not. So the only thing going here is: The contest begins effective immediately, and it ends at 12:01 am Eastern time on November 30, 2012.

If there are fewer than 10 entries, I reserve the right to cancel the contest.

Good luck, and have fun!

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