The Most Important Call of My Day

Ann and I do not have smartphones. We have cell phones that make calls and texts, and can technically take pictures (although for some reason I used to be able to send those pics to Facebook via text but I can’t any longer and that’s as infuriating as it is irrelevant). They have “lock” modes, but it’s not a code to punch in — it’s just basically a screen saver that goes away if you hit two buttons in order.

We have a fairly regular call schedule; I typically call her on my lunch and then either call or text her when I’m heading home from work. We’ll text each other periodically during the day if something comes up, but if we call, it means something is up that needs attention.

So when my cell phone on my desk started vibrating and it said the call was from Ann’s cell, I was concerned. She should have been at home, and she’d normally use the landline in that case.

I picked up and said, “Hello?”

And I heard a lot of rustling noise, and then Ann saying, “What did you do? What did you do? Give me that… hello?”

Yup. Sage called Daddy at work. Because of that lock mode, Ann didn’t mind letting her play with the phone. Somehow, she had managed to unlock the phone (two buttons in order) and then held the button that speed-dialed my phone.

So right in the middle of the day I got to hear a little “Hi” and “dadda,” and she apparently gave the phone lots of kissies.

I love being a dad!

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3 Responses to The Most Important Call of My Day

  1. Kendra says:

    I love that you get to be a dad!

  2. sinwi says:


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