Ten Things I Love About My Wife

Today is my wife’s birthday. Sometimes people at work have commented about the fact that I don’t complain about her the way others do about their spouses.

Of course not. I think that most of them only complain about their spouses (or significant others) because that’s what they see reflected in society around them. But why invent complaints?

So, here are ten things I love about my wife.

1) She loves deeply. Not just me, not just Sage, not just her family… she loves her friends deeply. As someone who skated by on mostly superficial relationships for a long time, seeing Ann’s devotion to her friends was — and is — inspiring.

2) She understands the balance between hopes and reality. She never stops believing in possibility, but she never gets so caught up in it that she loses sight of the way things are.

3) She’s ridiculously smart. Although she doesn’t think she is (because she’s smart in different areas than a lot of our friends, many of whom are very geeky), she has both an incredible depth of knowledge in some specific areas, and an incredible breadth of knowledge as well.

4) She gets excited about things. There aren’t too many things more attractive than someone who gets genuinely excited about things; when she smiles and practically dances in place in anticipation of something, I fall in love with her all over again, every time.

5) She is patient. She has to be, to put up with my idiosyncracies.

6) She can be vulnerable. When my reaction to bad news can often be anger and cynicism, it can wound her. While I hate it when things do wound her, I love that she loves enough that she can be hurt. It’s a double-edged sword, but a love that deep and real is a beautiful thing.

7) She can make incredible food. Okay, yes, this is possibly a shallow one for me, but until you have had her lasagna in particular, or a meal that she just “throws together” that ends up with a cardamom cream sauce… until you’ve experienced this, you don’t understand the level of awe it engenders.

8) She loves to learn. Curiosity is attractive — and, she learns fast.

9) She has a great sense of humor. When she laughs so hard that she gasps, I feel like I’ve just scored the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl.

10) She surprises me. Despite knowing her for almost eighteen years (holy mother of… okay, Ann, you win, we are old), she can still manage to surprise me. I am never, ever, ever bored with my wife.

For those of you in long-term relationships… try to make your list. It’s worth doing.

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3 Responses to Ten Things I Love About My Wife

  1. sinwi says:

    Strange, we are old, and yet the years of what to come stretches in front of us. Good to have the right partner for such a crazy ride.

  2. Cristy says:

    Love this. Very, very cool. 🙂

  3. Br.Bill says:

    What a great article to start my morning with, Strange. Well done.

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