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A difficult day.

Today is a difficult day. I’m going to put a lot of stuff here and it’s going to be tough to write, and possibly tough to read. Deep breath. Okay. Here goes. Today is a difficult day for a number … Continue reading

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Action Hero Dad

After Sage’s first birthday party, my sister-in-law Ashlie put Sage to bed. Later in the evening, I decided to check in on her. (Sage, not Ashlie.) I often check on her in the evening. I knew Sage’s room would be … Continue reading

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“Daddy Day Care”

Today was the first day that I was the parent exclusively responsible for Sage’s care. It started earlier than I wanted it to (but, to be fair, I haven’t slept in as long as I’d like more than once in … Continue reading

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A friend apparently WANTS you to hate me.

A groaner sent to me tonight: “There is a new type of gout that comes from eating too many mints. It’s known as “Tic-Tac toe.”

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Promises for the Future

I am engaging a pastor that I very much respect in a dialogue about faith. I think there’s going to be some pretty good blog material here when it’s all said and done. Just, y’know… not tonight.

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I’ve been thinking — for a full year now — what exactly I could possibly write to you in this letter. What kind of advice I could give you that was monumental enough to warrant putting it in your one-year … Continue reading

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Review: Samuel Adams Old Fezziwig Ale

I enjoy most of the beers from Samuel Adams, and I hate most of the stories of Charles Dickens. So what to do with Old Fezziwig? The color is a deep brown (the description attributes caramel and chocolate malts as … Continue reading

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