Don’t get me started on “itsy bitsy.”

You know what’s bugging me today? The phrase “ooey gooey,” which I heard a couple times today, both times describing food in a positive way.

You know why it bothers me? It’s not the sum of its parts.

“What are you eating?”
“Some ooey gooey cheesy rice.”
“Mmmm, sounds good.”

“What are you eating?”
“Some gooey cheesy rice.”
“Oh… did it not come out right? It’s just gooey?”

“What are you eating?”
“Some ooey cheesy rice.”
“Like, ewwww?”
“No, not ewwy. Ooey.”
“Uh… I don’t know what that means. I don’t think ‘ooey’ can stand alone.”
“It is also gooey.”
“Uh-huh… but, like, ooey and also gooey? Or ooey gooey?”

Ooey is nothing, gooey is potentially bad, but ooey gooey is apparently good. Does ooey actually mean “pleasant despite being?”

And if you offer someone some goo? They don’t want it.

Offer someone some oo? You’re getting a weird response no matter what.

I don’t want my things ooey gooey.


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One Response to Don’t get me started on “itsy bitsy.”

  1. Lummox JR says:

    It’s the dog’s bollocks. Awesome, like a hot dog.

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