The art of the assist.

Tonight at ComedySportz, I got one of the best reactions I have ever gotten to a line of dialogue that I spoke. I’m not including the pun-based games that we often use to end a match, because I have thrown down pretty darn well there if I do say so myself. I’m talking a scenic game.

The thing is, it was completely and totally a collaborative effort from the whole team, and the line could not have been delivered without the best entrance I’ve ever seen from teammate Laura “Face” Palmer.

Laura, who told me (hopefully not in confidence) that she has been working on making stronger entrances, managed to enter with a character that not only heightened the tension, it dramatically emphasized the exact situation already going on without directly referencing it.

If Laura had entered any differently, my line would have been okay. Instead, it came across as brilliant. There was actually applause that held us up from another line for a good five seconds or so.

It also set up our teammate Michael DavisĀ for another killer line immediately afterward.

The thing is, I’ll get the credit in the audience’s eyes. Michael will also get a fair amount of credit. Many people will think that all Laura did was enter as a flirt, but she did so much more than that. Those of us in the know recognize that Laura was the MVP of that scene.

I hope to be able to do improv like that more often.

Laura, I hope you can feel that the applause from that line I delivered belongs to you.

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