Gift Giving and Risk Taking

I used to be a terrible gift giver.

I don’t often get embarrassed, but when I think of some of the gifts I have given people in the past, I really, really hope they never bring them up again (especially in public) — because I don’t think I could reasonably explain the mindset that led me to believe they were good gifts at the time.

Eventually, I admitted defeat and just started asking people for specific information on what they wanted. (I love Amazon wish lists and registries for this very reason.)

This year, I’m testing the waters again. I have put a very serious amount of effort into selecting gifts for my lovely wife, Ann for her birthday and for Christmas. She did give me a list, but I diverged from it for some things.

Not counting “stocking stuffers,” almost half the gifts I have gotten for Ann were not on her list.

(Ann, I know you read this too. I need to know if I’ve improved in this area, so when you get the gifts, be honest with me. Just maybe not too honest if it’s still Christmas morning.)

Keep your fingers crossed for me, folks.

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