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Brain no want work

I’m tired. I’m having a great time on this vacation, but I’m just plain tired. I’m also a little disappointed because I was supposed to work on formatting my next novel release while I was on vacation, only to discover … Continue reading

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Wish us luck.

Last night, Sage woke up at 12:30. This in and of itself isn’t terribly unusual. What is unusual is that she decided to stay up. I finally brought her out to the living room at 2:00 so Ann could get … Continue reading

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It’s just like riding a bicycle. A very fast and scary upside-down bicycle.

In the past few days, I’ve had the opportunity to do something I haven’t done since college (which ended almost 14 years ago, incidentally). I rode roller coasters. Specifically, I rode Space Mountain at the Magic Kingdom (twice), and at … Continue reading

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Commentary Crunch

Dear Editor, I was reading your article last week on terrible parenting and physical abuse and it occurred to me that maybe people just didn’t understand how to use relaxation techniques. Like there’s this one I learned in drama class … Continue reading

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What a great day!

In order, as best as I can remember. -Waking up and seeing Sage; Sage waking up just slightly, looking at me, smiling, and going back to sleep. -Big ol’ bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios for breakfast. Coffee, too. -Nice hot … Continue reading

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Thoughts from the plane

At one point today, flying over Florida on our way to landing in Orlando, the lakes below were so reflective that it looked as if someone had cut jagged-edged holes in the crust of the earth, revealing another layer of … Continue reading

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Not tonight.

Too tired. Vacation tomorrow.

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