One-shot resolutions.

In the past, when I have made New Year’s resolutions, they have often been for lifestyle changes. Eat better, lose weight, and so on. The usual things.

But it occurred to me today (having made no resolutions at all yesterday or the day before) that there’s no reason resolutions can’t be for specific things. So here are ten resolutions for specific things that I am resolving to do this year.

  1. I want to do at least one thing in improv that terrifies me. (Examples include: dancing without being forced or “pimped” to dance; kissing someone when the scene would be better for it; playing a complicated game with an audience volunteer.)
  2. I want to try stand-up, even if only at an open mic sort of thing.
  3. I want to brew at least one beer that’s not from a kit.
  4. I want to learn to cook something that I find intimidating.
  5. I want to enter a contest of some kind, as long as I think I’m a long shot at best.
  6. I want to learn a new skill of some kind (how to build a fire? how to … heck, I don’t even know).
  7. I want to visit a state I have not previously visited.
  8. I want to perform in at least one scripted something.
  9. I want to eat something I’ve never tried before.
  10. I want to dedicate the time and effort to travel specifically to help a friend who needs me.
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