My ideal birthday dinner

Ann suggested that I should write about my ideal birthday dinner.

I told her that she had already done it a few years ago. I got home, and there was sushi as an appetizer course, followed by beer-boiled and then grilled bratwurst.

But the truth is, there are about 100 things that could be my ideal meal. With Ann’s skill in the kitchen, it’s hard for me to narrow down things to an “ideal” birthday dinner. She makes incredible _______________ (fill in the blank with just about any food).

So I guess I’ll have to approach it a different way.

My ideal birthday dinner will be spent in the company of my wife. (This year, I will also have some friends there, which is kind of extra awesome.) My daughter will hopefully be asleep (poor little gal is tired out lately from all the exertion of teething), and I will enjoy time at the dinner table for conversation and relaxation.

This is the first time in a long time that I’m really looking forward to a birthday.

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1 Response to My ideal birthday dinner

  1. sinwi says:

    Glad that you are looking forward to your birthday! And you are right, whatever you eat in the company of your lovely wife and some good friends will be ideal!!

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