Random thought about the evils (and goods?) of television.

Today, I had to stay home from work to take care of my family; Ann was supposed to watch Sage, but she was rather sick.

While watching Sage, I kept seeing her getting closer and closer to breakthroughs of one kind or another — learning specific words, or matching colored blocks, or whatever — and I realized that none of these breakthroughs will be a surprise when it happens. I’m watching her develop on a daily basis, and she’s slowly puzzling it out and piecing things together.

And isn’t that true of most of life? Sure, we all have life-changing experiences now and then, but aren’t most of our changes gradual developments?

I think TV has trained us to think not only that problems are solved and created within a half-hour or an hour, but that changes only happen with big events. The point of drama (and a crucial idea behind improv) is that what the audience sees should be the day when x happened.

I like milestones, and Sage will certainly have her share of them… but I think we’re all expecting life to be staccato when it’s actually frequently not only legato but rubato.

On the other hand, television also teaches us that sometimes observing other people’s small moments create the biggest changes for ourselves. So, by reading this small blog, you may have just become a better person. You’re welcome.

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