Birthday weekend

I have not blogged in two nights, because I have been celebrating my birthday in various ways. Honestly, there was too much in this past weekend for me to feel like I can do it justice unless I write for two hours.

Incredible food (bourbon pecan pork chops, pomegranate balsamic glazed Brussels sprouts with crispy pancetta, tomato mozzarella salad with homemade mozzarella, creamy coffee dream cups for dessert… all made by my brilliant wife Ann; also some Westvleteren XII, the “holy grail” of beer). Incredible company (including Glenn Packman of ComedySportz New York City and Micah Edwards of ComedySportz Richmond). Incredible fun (board games, a great ComedySportz match that Sage actually attended, and just hanging out).

So, basically: sorry I didn’t blog, and sorry I didn’t take the time to tell all of you what was going on. But this past weekend, a whole lot of amazing life took place OFF the internet, and I decided it was more important to participate in it than to commemorate it.

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