Review: Westvleteren XII

This beer has been called the “Holy Grail” of beers. It has traditionally been the most difficult to obtain beer in the world.

Until this year, when the abbey that sells it decided to distribute in order to pay for a new roof.

Long story short, thanks to my friend Micah Edwards of ComedySportz Richmond, I obtained a six pack of this.

It’s a dark brown ale with heavy, persistent lacing. Its nose is a little intimidating — somewhat sour and heavily malty. The taste carries some of the sourness, almost like a malt vinegar, and there are also tobacco notes that come through, but there is a surprising amount of caramel sweetness as well. It’s one of the most complex beers I’ve ever tasted, and while I’m sure the experience is biasing me, I very much enjoy it.

One important note: it is a 10.2 ABV, so one should really write the review after the first sip or two. Good night.

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