Sage: 13 Months

The last month has gone so quickly, it’s hard to know what to say that I didn’t say when you turned a year old.

Your developments are alternately incremental and huge; things I thought you’d be doing by now, you’re still not (walking more than a few steps on your own), whereas things I didn’t think you would do by now, you are (learning words really, really quickly).

You’ve gotten a bit fussy about some things; you hate it — hate it — when I clean your hands at the end of a meal, although you don’t give Mommy quite as much trouble. You’ve started acting up some of the time when I’m changing your diaper or if I tell you “no.” My friends assure me this will only get worse.

But on the other hand, you get so excited when you see me or Mommy. Your smile could light up a thousand neighborhoods. Your laugh is like a spark of life; I have it as my ringtone. (I’m assuming ringtones will still be a thing when you read this.)

So this month, I’ve been trying to think of good advice to give you. And I think I have an important piece for you.

Be willing to ask for help.

It’s one of the hardest things for many of your relatives to do. But it’s important, especially if your health or safety are involved.

Even the Beatles asked for help. (If you don’t know the Beatles when you’re reading this, I may have failed as a father.)

But seriously, be willing to ask for help; getting help makes you stronger and better, and it can lead to you being able to help others.

Remember: be who you are.

Your mommy and I love you so much; some days I really miss the long nights of holding you, asleep in my arms, even though I’d be so tired the next day. You’re the most amazing baby ever. (I hope that doesn’t end up too much of a burden down the line.)

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