Brain no want work

I’m tired. I’m having a great time on this vacation, but I’m just plain tired.

I’m also a little disappointed because I was supposed to work on formatting my next novel release while I was on vacation, only to discover that I didn’t have the most recent draft on this laptop (and I had not e-mailed it to myself). I have to wait until I’m home and have time — which means probably 2/17. Probably. Except I might be working at church. Not sure.

And I hate formatting. Others seem to do it so easily but I find it really difficult.

It makes me feel dumb. I need to be able to focus on it for large blocks of consecutive time (or maybe just one large block).

Ah, well. Vacation is pretty darn good. I can’t let that one little thing derail me.

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5 Responses to Brain no want work

  1. Lummox JR says:

    What program are you using to format?

    • strangedavid says:

      MS Word, the same as I use for writing.

      • Lummox JR says:

        I got fed up with Word for formatting purposes; I use it for writing but when I made up the print edition of my book I copied everything into OpenOffice. (I used a separate process involving Calibre to do the Kindle edition.) With that I was able to get around some of Word’s more annoying bugs, and also I put in ligatures and other niceties. I’d be glad to format your print interior via the same process if you want.

      • Lummox JR says:

        Actually, I’ll do the Kindle version too if you want to upload that independently of CreateSpace. (I did.) The same process will yield a good epub so it can be sold on B&N’s PubIt! if they ever get their ducks in a row or on iBooks, or you can do what a lot of authors do and upload to Smashwords for distribution to non-Amazon channels. I didn’t do any of that yet though because I want to do a free promo soon via Kindle Select and they require exclusivity.

  2. Br.Bill says:

    Strange, going forward you might want to install Dropbox ( It is great for having your documents wherever you go. It’s free. Google Drive is another similar option. Cloud space that is on all your devices, with local copies of it in case you don’t have access to the ‘net.

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