ComedySportz Indianapolis Awards

This weekend, ComedySportz Indianapolis will celebrate its 20th anniversary. For the first time in 10 years, we are having an awards ceremony.

I have been nominated for two awards: Best Object Work and Best Team Captain. I don’t think I am winning either one, and even though this sounds like I’m just saying “the right thing,” I truly am perfectly content being nominated. Heck, I’d even be content not being nominated if I knew I’d gotten at least a couple votes in the areas where I feel my strengths are.

But for the sake of argument, let’s say I win an award. I will have no more than 30 seconds for an acceptance speech.

How could I possibly thank all the people who have helped me to become a ComedySportz player?

Ed Trout, Mia Lee Roberts, Lynn Burger — the owners of CSz Indy, for the infinite things they’ve done and still do for their family of mad improvisers.

Michael Davis, Chad Woodward, Claire Wilcher — for the almost-as-infinite things they do to keep it going.

Woody Rau, Jon “J-Co” Colby, Tim Harrison — for teaching me how to lead when necessary.

Chris Navta — for auditioning with me eleven years ago.

Jarrod Reid — for teaching me so much about being Mr. Voice.

Jeff Clawson — for reminding me how to find the fun.

Phil Graf and Andy Ober — for always, always, always having my back.

…and, look, there are just too many. I could sit here all night coming up with the names of people I need to thank, and I’d still get look back in a few days and think, “Dang it, I didn’t mention this about Mookie,” or “How did I not list Keith and Noah?” or “Did I remember to say this important thing about Jamie?”

The truth is, everyone who has been part of ComedySportz Indianapolis has blessed me in ways I can’t reasonably list. Even those I never got to meet helped shape things. My English teachers in high school helped. My professors in college helped. People who were my friends in grade school helped. People who bullied me in grade school helped, albeit unintentionally.

And of course, my wife, Ann. Ann, who has graciously and lovingly put up with my taking most weekends partially away from my family for over a decade. Ann, who has actually talked me out of leaving the troupe during tough, stressful times.

And who I forgot to thank when I won Rookie of the Year ten years ago, because I was so rattled and surprised at winning.

I technically made up for it a little bit later; I think I presented an award and crammed it in there, embarrassed that it was seen as an afterthought instead of what it really was: a complete and total miserable error.

But for the record: the reason, the basis for all that I do, the sine qua non — is Ann.

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