Back to blogging: some randomosity

Randomosity: where blog post ideas come to die.

This time I’ll be writing some things I’ve thought of that seem like they ought to be part of a much bigger post that I’ll probably never get around to writing.

  • I think the Eagles re-signed Vick with a re-negotiated contract in order to trade him.
  • I never allow myself enough time to do the things I want to do, but I’m certainly not using that time to do the things I ought to do.
  • There are so many things out there that people hate not because they’re inherently terrible, but because most of the fans of those things are really terrible and obnoxious. Like Justin Bieber, or the Oakland Raiders, or Jesus.
  • I am not an ethical absolutist… however, when I am asked to do something that I find unethical, I find myself questioning the potential reality of “victimless crime.” (Crime is too big a word there. No one is asking me to break the law.)
  • Who wants to buy cheesecake from me?
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4 Responses to Back to blogging: some randomosity

  1. curtisfrye says:

    Are those last two items related?

  2. Lummox JR says:

    Hrm. It’s a sobering thought to view one’s own religion through the lens of Twilight, but I think you’re right on that one. It’s the kind of thing I wish more Christians were cognizant of, but then the ones who are capable of that level of objectivity aren’t the ones causing the problems.

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