Sometimes I can’t.

Blogs are dangerous.

An event occurred today. It was not my event, but it did emotionally affect me very seriously.

I would like to write about it… but it’s not my event. It’s a personal event that happened to others.

Blogging about it, while potentially cathartic, would be pure self-indulgence and, it feels to me, selfish.

Telling other people’s stories when they’re still going on… it seems wrong.

Sometimes I have so much to tell you and I just don’t manage to get it out.

But sometimes… I can’t.

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One Response to Sometimes I can’t.

  1. Kendra says:

    I deeply understand this feeling. There is so much about me, about my life, that I would love to be able to freely share. But it’s wrapped up in the stories of others. It would mean telling their stories for them, to people they might not know or trust like I do. It might mean negative consequences for them, and I just can’t risk making that decision for them. And so I don’t tell my truth, and I feel the constriction and lack of authenticity because of it. And I just am not sure what to do with that.

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