Bonus Blog! Help needed.

Hey, folks. This is an extra post today, especially aimed towards those of you in the greater Indianapolis area.

This is my friend J-Co.


It’s not the best picture in the world. I know.

J-Co is an incredible friend, an incredible improvisor, and an incredible teacher. His nephew is going on a mission trip to Guatemala.

I have kind of a soft spot for Guatemala; two of my cousins are from there, and some other cousins (and my uncle of course) have extended family there.

It’s a country in need of mission trips, to be quite frank.

This is my friend Tara D.


Tara is another incredible friend and incredible improvisor. One of the best I’ve ever seen. One of the best anyone has ever seen.

Tara’s brother is going through some really, really crappy medical issues, and he’s racking up some serious bills.

J-Co and Tara are good friends, and J-Co had an idea to throw a benefit for both his nephew and her brother. It’s going to be an improv show at ComedySportz Indianapolis, and I’ve been invited to play.

It’s this Sunday, March 3rd, at 3 pm. (3/3 at 3.) It costs $10 to get in. After that, you can buy raffle tickets for all sorts of prizes (including a copy of my book, or a certificate for cheesecake that I will bake for you in whatever mutually agreeable flavor we can find). The raffle tickets are $1.

Here’s the kicker… not only do your raffle ticket purchases get you raffle tickets (duh), but they also serve as votes for the improv comedians performing.

J-Co has invited some of the best of the best — trophy winners from the recent ComedySportz 20th anniversary as well as a couple of our younger players who I can personally confirm are BRILLIANT.

Guys… I’m a good improvisor. I won a trophy and everything (for “Best Team Captain” — tied with two others). But J-Co is bringing in some of the biggest of our big guns. I am definitely an underdog.

And I don’t have a lot of local folks to invite to stuff dollars in my jar.

So: if you’re in the greater Indianapolis area, please come see the show!!!

If you’re OUTSIDE the greater Indianapolis area, I suppose you can just send me money to donate and I’ll put it in my own jar. I just need it by Sunday.

Help a missions trip, some nasty medical bills, and boost my ego all at once!

(In all seriousness, if you can’t attend but would like to donate, please let me know and I’ll tell you how you can help. My e-mail, which is through gmail, is strangedavidfuller.)

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