Still Thinking About This…

I’m not sure if I know how to explain this.

I’ve never put much faith in the body.

Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve got some weird sort of communication problem with my own body — it doesn’t really feel like it’s mine, and in a way that I’ve never really known how to explain, and it often doesn’t do things exactly the way I think it’s going to do them. The only things that I feel comfortable with that involve physical interaction with some external object are typing, playing piano, and playing drums. Typing and piano are largely matters of building muscle memory and getting into a zone where intent becomes realization. Playing drums, believe it or not, is math — something with which I am very comfortable.

Maybe it’s the fact that I follow a faith in which the body can and does pass away, but the soul lives on.

Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve discovered how easily the body can be altered — intentionally or unintentionally — and sometimes it can be altered irrevocably, but the person inside continues on.

It’s not that I utterly reject the body and pay no attention to it, but I’ve never quite committed to the idea of my body as a temple. The body seems to me to be a remarkably engineered container for my mind, although I do question some of the specifications in my particular model.

But it occurred to me that maybe all this contributes to some of my other opinions. If the body is something to be downplayed and the mind is what matters, maybe this is why I don’t necessarily need to be with my friends if I can communicate with them online. Maybe this is why I don’t understand why race and orientation matter so freaking much to some people (I’m not discarding them as being important, but for some people it seems that it’s the main thing to be concerned about in life and geez louise relax already). Maybe this is why I don’t take better care of my body. Maybe this is why I appreciate tattoos, because they so often are an expression of the person’s mind made physical.

And then today, boom. A concept that blew my little mind.

If the ideas in a person’s head are more important to me than the body that contains those ideas… why am I so utterly resistant to the idea of an e-reader?

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