Might as well, I’m on a roll.


by Strange/David

(copyright 2013 David K. Fuller, all rights reserved)

(like, share the link or whatever, but keep my name on it)


I made a book of recipes
Without a parent helping me.
Strange dishes are my specialty
Like candy canes with sesame!

Burnt noodles with banana sauce;
Cold fish with string cheese laid across;
Dried apples wrapped in Spanish moss;
Hot peppers mixed with candy floss!

French toast with toothpaste stuffed inside;
Some watermelon rind, deep fried;
Sewer rat loin, butterflied;
Root beer tinged with cyanide!

Roasted cheese with pigeon jelly;
Honey from a badger’s belly;
Beef so old it’s gotten smelly
From last month’s trip to the deli!

Mixed greens from the river bed;
Sautéed gerbils with lime spread;
Earthworms, blended, then dyed red;
Half a caterpillar’s head!

You should taste it! You should try it!
Here’s the book! You ought to buy it!
What was that? You got real quiet.
When did you start that diet?

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1 Response to Might as well, I’m on a roll.

  1. Moniba says:

    Hahaha, well-written. I really enjoyed reading this.

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