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One of those proud daddy my daughter is awesome stories that make everyone else sick

Sage started imitating dogs pretty early, thanks to our dog Chelle. She also had a tendency to call every dog a Chelle, although lately she has been calling them dogs (pronounced more like dohg) after repeated gentle correction from us. … Continue reading

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Three out of Ten   I’m up to three out of ten. I previously performed in something scripted ( and ate something I had never tried before ( Now, I’ve also learned a new skill. This past weekend, I learned how to apply … Continue reading

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not posting my mock draft

I have the list. I hadn’t written the explanation. I started doing it, realized how long it would take, realized how much time that would take away from family, and decided not to do it. Hug your family.

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Sage: Sixteen Months

This last month has absolutely zipped by, and you’re growing so fast! You’re finally putting on some real size; everyone says you’re small, but you’re actually over the 40th percentile for height now. You don’t look likeĀ a baby anymore; you … Continue reading

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Not a thing to say.

Sorry. There’s just nothing there tonight.

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Thoughts on regret

It has been said that there is no point to regret, because it doesn’t change the past. I understand the concept there, but regret can be a useful tool in correcting one’s course. If you make a choice and regret … Continue reading

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Review: New Albanian Brewing Company Thunderfoot Imperial Stout

I’ve previously mentioned ( how much I like the “shameless lack of sophistication” in New Albanian’s labeling. Thunderfoot ImperialĀ Stout is a perfect example. It’s a picture of a giant foot comign out of the sky and crushing a chunk of … Continue reading

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