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World MS Day

Today was (technically still is) World MS Day. There are people very, very important to me who have MS. Although I have not seen her in years, Jennifer Shelton was a big part of my junior high and high school … Continue reading

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Well… I’m doing it.

I hate getting messy. I especially hate messy hands. I’m not a runner. And I just made it official. I am running in the Mudathlon in June. I am officially an idiot.  

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Huh. Not bad.

I jogged this afternoon. I haven’t jogged in years. Ann found a path in our subdivision that would be half a mile out and half a mile back. I left my phone behind. She said if I wasn’t back in … Continue reading

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Sage: Seventeen Months

Sage, You are a total goof and I love it. Once again, a month has flown by and it’s hard to know what to point out. We had a daddy daughter day, where I was responsible for you from wake … Continue reading

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How to Write a Blog Post

Fire up the laptop. Think back through the day. Try to remember what you thought about, what you experienced, what you saw. Try to determine if you have a sufficient amount to say about those things. Discard the idea about … Continue reading

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Strange. Stranger.

In the past few weeks, I have had several opportunities to be involved in a variety of group settings. In each of them, I would consider myself to be a member of the group. But in each one, I found … Continue reading

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I’m Still Here

I haven’t blogged in several days. It’s been hard to figure out something to blog in the wake of the death of a beloved aunt. Frankly, I’m struggling with feelings of selfishness. But I said I would be honest here, … Continue reading

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