Today’s walk with Sage

“Zoom. Zoom. Zoom.”
“You like swinging?”
“Ah swen.”
“Yeah, you’re swinging!”
“Aw dohn.”
“Oh? You’re all done swinging?”
“Aw dohn.”
“Okay… do you want to walk?”
“Do you mean yes?”
“OK, let’s walk.”
“A dohg!”
“You hear a dog?”
“Yes, a doggy says woof.”
“That’s right!”
“Uh. Uh. Uh.”
“…You want me to carry you?”
“Do you mean yes?”
“All right, I’ll carry you.”
“A cah!”
“Yes, that’s a car.”
“A cah! Woom! Woom!”
“Vroom vroom!”
“Woom! A cah!”
“I love how excited you get.”
“Well, that’s… you’re not really pointing at anything in particular. It’s… I guess you’re pointing at the grass?”
“Guh. Guh. Gur.”
“Wow. Yeah. Grass!”
“Yyyyeh. Griss.”
“The grass is green.”
“Griss. Geen.”
“High five.”
(she high fives me, then clenches her fist and holds it out)
“Yeh. Pah.”
“Pound it.”
(she pounds knuckles with me)
“You know you’re scary smart, right?”
“Do you mean yes?”
“I love you.”
(she blows me a kiss)
(my heart blows up into a kabillion hearts, all bigger than the first)

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