Today, Sage turned 500 days old.

Sometimes I’m amazed at the firsts that she still experiences.

Today, she wore “squeaker sneakers” for the first time.

Today, she made several new friends at the community playground. (The only one whose name I caught was Leilani, a lovely four-year-old with some developmental delay who wanted to help me push Sage in the swing.)

Today, she turned down the pacifier that she usually asks for at bedtime, and she told me when it was time for me to put her in the crib.

Today, she had a little hair-rubber-band-and-barrette “whalespout” that her mother put in her hair this morning.

Today, she walked up to a stranger at the park who was sitting on the grass, looked at her, sat down in the same position, and said, “Hi!”

500 days.

I will never, ever understand people not enjoying parenthood.

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