Huh. Not bad.

I jogged this afternoon. I haven’t jogged in years.

Ann found a path in our subdivision that would be half a mile out and half a mile back. I left my phone behind. She said if I wasn’t back in half an hour, she’d load up Sage and come looking for me. I told her to bring a beer.

Subtracting time spent stretching (30 seconds max) and time spent “walking it off” to cool it down (90 seconds, give or take), I was back in about twelve minutes.

Twelve minutes. For a mile. Despite being out of shape.

I just checked — I jogged three-tenths of a mile, then walked two-tenths; then I jogged three-tenths, walked one-tenth, and jogged the last one-tenth.

I jogged seven-tenths of a mile today.

This is so much better than I thought I could do.

…I then ate three chili dogs, but still. Let’s be honest — I would have done that anyway.

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1 Response to Huh. Not bad.

  1. Baby steps, man. Little, tiny, just learning to toddle baby steps!

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