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Sage: Eighteen Months

Dear Sage, You’re a year and a half old. A year and a half. I’ve had eighteen months to hold you, to try to teach you things, to play with you, and to marvel at your growth. You’re so much … Continue reading

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Five out of Ten. That link above is to the blog entry in which I came up with ten things I wanted to do this year that only needed to be done once to “count.” (In other words, not just “lifestyle” changes like … Continue reading

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Things You Might Not Know about Auto Accidents

In some states, your medical benefits are lower if you were not wearing your safety belt at the time of a crash. If you live outside of Michigan and you carry only liability insurance, there is a very good chance … Continue reading

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My Father’s Day thoughts. They ain’t all pretty.

Tonight’s blog is two parts. The first part is pretty. I woke up today to my wife making some monkey bread. I got to have Ann’s parents over, along with Ann’s brother and his wife — all of whom are … Continue reading

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Review: Dundee Pale Bock Lager

I’m not all that familiar with Dundee as a brewery, but Ann bought a great 12-pack — 3 kinds each of 4 different beers. The Pale Bock Lager describes itself, simply, as “Big and Malty.” That is as accurate as … Continue reading

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Projects I want to do

I frequently come up with projects that I want to do that I just don’t have the time and/or money for. Some of them are beyond my level of skill (like a couple movies I really want to make), and … Continue reading

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I win at Nerd.

Me: So we agree that there is some liability on both parties. Are you prepared to talk numbers? Other Adjuster: Sure. Did you know that there are frequently pairs of prime numbers only two integers apart, and nobody really knows … Continue reading

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