And just like that…

Today was a better day, depression-wise.

I’m not sure exactly what changed, and work was stressful, but I feel better today.

I went jogging today. I don’t know the exact distance that I jogged versus walked, but I think I actually jogged just under a mile and walked just over .3 miles. I did the first .8 miles at a jog. I’m seeing good improvement each day — in fact, far more improvement than I thought I would. I’ve also lost five pounds, despite the fact that I’m pretty sure I’ve been eating more.

I don’t have much else to add… but I’m doing better today. That’s always a good thing.

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1 Response to And just like that…

  1. philosophojake says:

    I love hearing about this. thank you for sharing. Keep excersising. Instead of are EXpressing šŸ™‚

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