This strikes me as probably not a good thing.

It was more than a year ago that my church canceled my service.

I’ve tried hard to stick with the church; there are a lot of people I care about there, although several have left in the wake of this decision.

I even started working with sixth grade boys on Sunday mornings. The kids were great, although I struggled with some of the structure.

But tonight, as I reviewed my e-mail and saw that I had a message from the church, I realized something.

You know when someone breaks up with you, and they really want to still be friends, and you don’t see each other a whole lot after that, but every time they send you a note or something you feel sad for a while, but then you feel angry, and then numb, and then angry again because why don’t they get it that they hurt you so badly that it’s a struggle to actually remain friends?

Yeah. That.

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