Review: Dundee Pale Bock Lager

I’m not all that familiar with Dundee as a brewery, but Ann bought a great 12-pack — 3 kinds each of 4 different beers.

The Pale Bock Lager describes itself, simply, as “Big and Malty.”

That is as accurate as it is understated. This beer is VERY Big and VERY Malty.

It’s a deeply golden color with a very thin lacing; I think it’s really a maibock style. It smells sweet and incredibly malty, and the hop presence is so understated as to be noticed only if consciously considered, although once you taste it there is a spiciness at the back of the palate that I think probably is hops.*

In the middle of the palate, it turns just a little bit sour, but not unpleasantly. Overall, there’s just a hint of a honey flavor, but not the cloyingly sweet taste of a lot of summer beers. There are cereal grains present in that ever-so-vague way (oat? corn? what is that? did I have Cheerios for breakfast?).

This beer is full-bodied and full-flavored, with mild carbonation and a minor taste of alcohol that manages to avoid being too overpowered.

As I’m writing this, I realize that this is the amazing thing about this beer — it’s almost too sour, almost too alcohol-y, almost too sweet, almost too malty… but instead, it’s perfectly balanced.

This beer would go well with [note: I spent several minutes trying to think of the best option, but there were lots and lots of things this beer would go with — main courses, side dishes, even many desserts — although probably not dark chocolate. Milk chocolate maybe, but not dark. Eventually I settled on:] fried fish, creamy cole slaw, and maybe some homemade mac and cheese. All of which I suddenly find myself craving.



*Note — I just burped. It’s hops.

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