Sage: Nineteen Months

You’ve had quite a busy month, Wiggler.

We went to the ComedySportz World Championship in Buffalo, New York. Your Grandma and Grandpa Fuller came out to visit with us while we were there. It was a long car trip; you did pretty well most of the way, but you definitely let us know when you wanted to get out.

You charmed everyone in Buffalo, and you made some great new friends. I think your favorite was my friend Stephen Bennett from Houston; he played peek-a-boo with you in a restaurant until you were literally screaming with laughter.

And now, your cousins Maggie and Mollie are in town! For a few days, so were your Aunt Amanda and Uncle Paul. On Monday, you got to see so many family members that when I was putting you to bed that night, you just wanted to tell me all about your day.

“Mah-lee! Paw-Paw! May-gih! …Mah-lee! Pa-Paw!”
“Mollie, Poppa, and Maggie?”
“And you saw Maw-Maw?”
“Enn Mend!”
“Aunt Amanda?”
“Paw. Paw. Paw.”
“Uncle Paul?”
“Mah-lee. May-gih.”
“Did you see your Great Nanny?”
“And Aunt Janet?”
“And Uncle Brad?”
“Oh, Aunt Ashley?”
“Esh! Esh! May-gih! Mah-lee!”
“And you went to a place with bouncy houses?”
“Bahss! Bahss! Bahss!”

And then, just when I thought the conversation was as fun as it could be…

“You had so much fun, didn’t you?”
“Ohhhh, Sage, I love you.”
“Ah luh YOU.”



I know.

I know you’re too young to really understand what you said, and how the words indicate something important, and that you’re in a parroting phase… but on the other hand, maybe you understand more than I think.



My advice this month… in addition to “Be who you are,” which I will repeat for the rest of your life… hug.

Seriously, that’s it. Hug.

Hug your family. Hug your friends. Don’t be afraid to hug. Don’t force hugs on those who won’t take them, but always, always be prepared to hug.

I love you so much, Sage. Your mother and I love you so incredibly much; I wish I knew better ways to say it because it doesn’t seem like it’s enough to express what we feel. You’re an amazing little girl, and every day with you really does feel like a gift from God.


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