I really am still here.

I have a lot of things I should go back to post about. ComedySportz World Championship. Trying stand-up for the first time. Some of Sage’s developments. There’s a lot.

I’m trying to get back into blogging, but when you fall out of the habit, it can be hard to fall back in.

So I’ll start off by talking about running. I decided to try to stick with this running thing, and so I signed up for a 5K later this month. It ends on the 50-yard line at Lucas Oil Stadium. I’m pretty excited about it.

But I wasn’t sure if I could run a straight-up 5K. I did the Mudathlon, which is 5K, but it’s interrupted by several obstacles and, frankly, bottlenecks of other runners AT those obstacles.

Plus, I haven’t been running consistently SINCE the Mudathlon.

This evening, I decided to test myself. I had plotted a route through my neighborhood and a couple other neighborhoods a while ago, but I hadn’t tried it yet.

There comes a point in running when you hit the wall; your legs respond more slowly to your brain, to the point where you can actively notice it. It may or may not hurt, but the pure fatigue just makes you wonder if you can go on. If you can push past this, you hit your second wind, and you can run much more. My wall tends to come pretty quickly — within half a mile. It sometimes lasts another half mile. In all the time I’ve been running (which is, admittedly, not long), I’ve never run more than 2.2 miles without stopping, walking, or facing an obstacle.

Tonight, I found the third level that comes after the wall, and after the second wind. I found the runner’s high. I suddenly noticed that the little things my brain had been previously interpreting as mild pain, it was now interpreting as just an observation. The sensation wasn’t different, but my reaction to it was. From my hips down, my skeletal structure felt mechanical and powered by something I didn’t understand. I could almost feel the gears and pistons. I was more aware of the feel of the air around me, and I could even smell some of the shrubs I ran past — which I usually can’t do. Even after finding my second wind, there is usually a thought in my head asking me whether or not I can finish the route that I planned. When I hit the runner’s high, it was no longer a question. Of course I was going to finish it. In fact, I felt that I could probably keep going beyond that.

This evening, I ran 3.2 miles — just a smidge more than a 5K — in 46 minutes. I’ve never run that far before in my life.

Now if only this would translate into changing my beer gut starter kit into rock-hard abs.

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1 Response to I really am still here.

  1. Br.Bill says:

    That’s my boy. Proud of you.

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