Maybe that’s the trick.

The other day, we were in the grocery store, and Sage pointed and announced “Nana! Nana’s coming!”

Nana is also sometimes called “Gweat Gwandma.” Ann and I call her Nanny. It’s Ann’s maternal grandmother; we love her dearly and wish we saw her more often.

We knew that there was ZERO chance that Nanny was actually in the store, but Sage was excited. Then the lady she was pointing to got closer, and Sage realized her mistake and momentarily got very, very shy. When the friendly stranger smiled at her, she loosened up a bit, and we all had a small chat.

I’ve seen similar behavior from Sage other times. She sees someone she doesn’t know and calls them by a familiar name, only to be surprised when it’s not them. I don’t think there’s some kind of issue, here, I think it’s normal development of predictive tendencies and fact-gathering and all that.

But it struck me that she always makes the assumption that makes her happiest.

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