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One of my favorite useless trivial things.

So on Christmas day, you get home from caroling (and having a tiny bit too much wassail) and you discover a gift waiting for you — a partridge in a pear tree. You have no use for this. You decide … Continue reading

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A hollow voice says “Fool.”

You are seated in a black Mercury Sable with over 200,000 miles on the odometer. The radio is on, but you are not hearing it. You are supposed to be at work by 7:30. >Look at clock It is 7:33. … Continue reading

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Like laughter? Love losing?

I’ve written about my favorite ComedySportz game, Five Thingz, before here: Tonight, my team played this game. Phil Graf and I gave clues to Bethany Arrington. The ref, Tim Harrison, does this thing when he’s getting suggestions for Five … Continue reading

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My Favorite ComedySportz Game: Five Thingz

My favorite game at ComedySportz is called Five Thingz. (I have no idea if it’s “supposed” to have the “z” on the end, but if it’s good enough for ComedySportz, it’s good enough for the gamez.) Five Thingz has been … Continue reading

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Up and Down.

Well, I said I’d occasionally talk about board games and card games — two of my favorite pastimes (a third is double-checking the spelling of “pastimes”). However, I have not had the opportunity to play any board games or card … Continue reading

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