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You Are Here

I am traveling nearly seven hundred miles with my wife and three-year-old daughter to the town where I grew up. Most of the Fuller family still lives in upstate New York, although there are some who moved even farther than … Continue reading

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We are all all right.

In 2004, I had a vision. Maybe vision is the wrong word. The cynic in me says it was just a dream. The part of me that understands┬áthat sometimes it’s important to let one’s experiences trump one’s knowledge believes that … Continue reading

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Strange. Stranger.

In the past few weeks, I have had several opportunities to be involved in a variety of group settings. In each of them, I would consider myself to be a member of the group. But in each one, I found … Continue reading

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Time to Jump

In the summer of 1993, I rode something called the SkyCoaster at the New York State Fair. You put on a safety harness and a crane lifts you — just you — 100 feet in the air. In this case, … Continue reading

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Random Memory That Will Now Haunt Me

So for no reason whatsoever, my brain — who doesn’t like to remind me of important things like, oh, say, how to get places I’ve been before or what my wife JUST SAID two minutes ago — decided to remember … Continue reading

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Birthday weekend

I have not blogged in two nights, because I have been celebrating my birthday in various ways. Honestly, there was too much in this past weekend for me to feel like I can do it justice unless I write for … Continue reading

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A difficult day.

Today is a difficult day. I’m going to put a lot of stuff here and it’s going to be tough to write, and possibly tough to read. Deep breath. Okay. Here goes. Today is a difficult day for a number … Continue reading

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