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I also have strange co-workers.

(This conversationĀ has been only slightly edited and slightly fictionalized.) Is it wrong that I feel a certain sense of superiority over some of the other insurance companies we deal with? No. You should feel a certain sense of superiority over … Continue reading

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Things You Might Not Know about Auto Accidents

In some states, your medical benefits are lower if you were not wearing your safety belt at the time of a crash. If you live outside of Michigan and you carry only liability insurance, there is a very good chance … Continue reading

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Quick Work Update

I’m not going to be posting much about work anymore (apparently I ruffled some feathers at some point), but I did want to post this. Thanks to everyone who has helped me along through the past couple of years, struggling … Continue reading

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Brake it down

There is currently a Nationwide commercial about drivers making good decisions. ( If you Google “nationwide commercial braking for squirrels” you’ll see that I’m not the only person who doesn’t like this part of the ad. Some people claim it’s … Continue reading

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Reason #184967 Normal People Look At You Funny

Me: …all right, that should do it. If you have any questions or concerns at any point in the process, please don’t hesitate to give me a call. Customer: Thank you! And have a very merry Christmas. Me: Well, thank … Continue reading

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Day Five: Draw

I barely managed to stay sane. But I’m home, and for right now I’m not thinking about going in tomorrow.

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Day Four: Loss

I almost called today a draw, because I managed to get a lot done. But I didn’t get enough done. And the emotions of it are starting to get to me. I’m hurting my family by being here, but I … Continue reading

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