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Sage: 32 months

Sage… you’re getting so close to being three years old. It’s hard to categorize the way you’re changing on a month-to-month basis, because it can be so minor and so huge all at the same time. You’ve successfully told a … Continue reading

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We are all all right.

In 2004, I had a vision. Maybe vision is the wrong word. The cynic in me says it was just a dream. The part of me that understands┬áthat sometimes it’s important to let one’s experiences trump one’s knowledge believes that … Continue reading

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Huh. Not bad.

I jogged this afternoon. I haven’t jogged in years. Ann found a path in our subdivision that would be half a mile out and half a mile back. I left my phone behind. She said if I wasn’t back in … Continue reading

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A crazy handful of days.

Friday night I played keyboards at ComedySportz, knocking off #4 of my 10 “one-shot” resolutions. Saturday I spent the entire day with Sage, taking her out a couple times to various things. Sunday I finished my “school year” with the … Continue reading

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Tomorrow at ComedySportz Indianapolis, I will be doing something I’m terrified of doing. I know myself well enough to know that I will be tense about it for most of the day. During work hours, I will (obviously) distract myself … Continue reading

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So what can I do?

There are the obvious answers. Give blood. Donate money to the appropriate causes. Pass information along to others. But then there are the less obvious answers. Be cautious where you send your money. Be cautious how you deal with it … Continue reading

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Bonus Blog! Help needed.

Hey, folks. This is an extra post today, especially aimed towards those of you in the greater Indianapolis area. This is my friend J-Co. It’s not the best picture in the world. I know. J-Co is an incredible friend, an … Continue reading

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